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How can we balance the current needs of our citizens with the changes that are coming in the next decades? Affordable housing to energy to the way we live and work are all linked and all critical to strengthening Gainesville.




Everyone in Gainesville deserves the opportunity to succeed. Our children thrive when parents have good jobs and see opportunities for the future where they live.



Effective public participation is necessary to build a culture of civility and respect.  I believe participatory leadership will lead to faith in government and better outcomes for all of us.


Gainesville and my community invested in me. I want to return that investment by serving as a City Commissioner.


I have the right experience, perspective, and temperament gained from being a kid, teacher, coach, business owner, father, volunteer, and community member in Gainesville to be an effective City Commissioner.


I also know firsthand that not everyone in my community has received or been able to take advantage of the opportunities that I have had, and I want to change that.  I believe we must bring a balanced approach to decision making that includes  longtime residents affected by decisions in order to achieve long-term shared goals for all Gainesville residents.


I will be a commissioner who will listen but will make decisions to build resilience and opportunity in the face of change and uncertainty with the core belief that Gainesville can thrive by working together for each other.



I grew up in Gainesville and have raised my three children here with my wife, Jodie. 


I began my career teaching science through Teach for America in the Mississippi Delta and at my alma mater, Eastside High School. I have a passion for mentoring young people from all backgrounds and have continued to coach high school soccer even after leaving teaching. For the last four years, I have also served on the City Plan Board. And as a homeowner in the University Park neighborhood, I know how city decisions affect residents’ lives and are impacting historic neighborhoods throughout Gainesville.


My career has been successful because I empower myself and others to collectively innovate, build, and serve each other. After earning my Master of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at UF, I began working as a wildlife biologist and as an environmental educator and trainer. I also earned my Master of Business Administration at UF and founded multiple businesses in Gainesville, including Envirotools, Inc., Pandion Systems, Inc., and APEM, Inc. I sold my environmental consulting company and then started at a technology company at UF Innovation HUB. I now work for the nonprofit energy research organization where I lead endangered species research related to the energy sector, specifically solar and wind, where I am involved in long-term research to meet clean energy goals.


I want to bring my passion for Gainesville, my community, and my talents to the Gainesville City Commission because we need collaborative leadership in local government now more than ever. With your support, I will bring my education, business, environmental, science, and energy background to serve our community to make it more resilient, create more opportunities, and become more inclusive.